Send the right message at the right time.

When you make it easier for your customers to connect with you, you make it easier for them to do business with you. We’ll give you an all-inclusive messaging platform designed for higher engagement rates.
80% of customers prefer communicating with businesses through text message.
LocalMessages has a high degree of engagement that allows customers to text you when it’s convenient for them. That way, you can respond to customer inquiries faster and win more business.
of text messages are read within three minutes, making it the quickest and easiest form of customer engagement.
LocalMessages Features
With customizable templates, call tracking and robust analytics, LocalMessages offers the communication your business needs.
Never miss a message
SMS allows you to respond to customer inquiries in no time.
Increase your revenue
Reduce the risk of losing customers by confirming appointments and sending reminders.
Make it personal
Send personalized messages for birthdays and holidays to stay top of mind.

Higher engagement

Manage multiple conversations at once, reduce missed calls and do away with on-hold times altogether.

Nurture new prospects

Stay in contact with "on-the fence" leads and turn them into new customers.

Track performance and identify trends

Gain valuable insights from an automated analysis of your response rates, message performance and conversation patterns.
Take control of the conversation.
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LocalMessages is just one piece of the marketing puzzle.

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