Greet your customers with an AI-powered agent.

We know it's impossible to be everywhere at once. While you run your business, we'll help you answer incoming calls to schedule and convert more leads.
Missed calls can cost your business thousands in lost revenue.
When you can't get to the phone, our AI-powered agent will greet your callers, schedule appointments and redirect them to an agent if needed. That way, no customer will be left hanging.
of phone calls to small businesses are left unanswered.
LocalResponse Features
With intelligent call routing that addresses the needs of your customers in real-time, you can get back to running your business without any interruptions.
Instant response capability
Your calls will be routed instantly, depending on the needs of each of your customers.
Full customizability for your agent
Set up unique greetings and call handling for your business' hours and after-hours.
Convert more leads
Track call volume and call details, depending on the time of day. This makes following up that much easier.

Smart and timely response

When they call your business, your customers will be connected with an AI-powered agent that will greet them, schedule their appointments and address their needs. It'll even send follow-up text messages to confirm details.

Streamlined call tracking

You can easily track all of your call details and convert more leads within our simple, streamlined dashboard.

Monitor your call analytics

You can monitor your call analytics with rich call insights to identify patterns. This will also allow you to take action on areas that need improvement.
Leave no customer unanswered.
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