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Get more reviews and win more business.

Our reputation management system automates your review generation process, allowing you to collect, review and respond to customer feedback — all in one place.
LocalReviews provides you with an easy way to collect customer feedback, including testimonials and Google reviews.
Chaplin Dental
Macho Movers
Waterloo Medical Cosmetics
Bin There Disposal Services Ltd.
Mimico Physiotherapy and Chiropractic
CSN Collision Centres

People trust reviews over any other form of advertising.

Potential customers need to be assured they're making the right purchasing decision. We help you give your customers the assurance they need by encouraging them to leave positive reviews on your public platforms.
  • 92%
    of prospective customers check online reviews before making a buying or hiring decision.

LocalReviews features

Collect feedback from your customers’ preferred channels and manage your online reputation with our best-in-class dashboard.
  • Generate hundreds of reviews
    Our reputation management system never misses an opportunity to collect reviews from your customers.
  • Posting on cruise control
    With just a few clicks, customer reviews are posted to popular review sites.
  • Review your reviews
    All your reviews are shown within the OneLocal dashboard, allowing for easier tracking and the ability to respond.

Create engaging surveys

Build surveys that will ask your customers the right questions about your business. In a matter of minutes, our smart sentiment questions will help you learn more about your customers and their needs.

Address issues when they arise

Turn negative experiences into positive ones by proactively addressing customer issues.

Track performance and trends

With all of your reviews and feedback in one place, you can see how you're doing while automatically identifying trends.

Client testimonial

Macho Movers

In terms of reviews, we have more than big international companies, which is amazing for a local small-town company.

Kelsey Boles, Macho Movers

Take control of your online reputation.

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